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Specialty Programs

Our specialty programs treat populations with unique needs

Exclusively Women
Exclusively Women addresses the unique mental health and chemical dependency needs of women in crisis through evidence-based therapeutic approaches. The program addresses such issues as depression related to reproductive issues, loss of pregnancy, post-partum depression, anxiety and obsessive disorders, trauma, relationship issues, eating disorders and other serious disorders women may encounter. Only women attend the specialized therapy and educational groups.

The Freedom Care Program
The Freedom Care Program is a specialty program that meets the unique needs of our warriors, veterans, retirees and their families. Military members and their families must deal with life events such as family separation, combat stress, exposure to destruction and human suffering, threats to self and comrades as well as grief or loss.

For active Military, The Freedom Care Program specializes in evidence-based treatment of combat post-traumatic stress, addiction, PTS/Addiction Dual Diagnosis, general psychiatric diagnoses and woman's issues including sexual trauma.

Geriatric Mental Health
Elderly patients have unique and special needs for mental health and chemical dependency problems. As people age, they may become more susceptible to depression, disorientation, sleep disorders, paranoia, manic behavior and other mental and physical disorders. Medical conditions and certain prescription medications can aggravate anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite and other symptoms of mental illness. Physical changes and psychosocial losses related to the aging process can also cause emotional distress. The Specialized Geriatric program focuses on the acute primary psychiatric diagnosis, chemical dependencies and medical conditions to stabilize the patient rapidly.

Programs for children and adolescents who are struggling emotionally, behaviorally or academically. Our programs help children and adolescents develop boundaries, learn appropriate expression of emotions, increase self esteem, manage their anger and develop acceptable social skills. For young patients in crisis, particularly those needing immediate stabilization and intervention, we offer a safe, secure and comforting environment supported by experienced and caring staff. Using evidence-based programs, young patients receive intensive evaluation and treatment during their stay. We also serve children and adolescents in day hospital, or outpatient, programs.

Behavioral Pain Management Program
A program designed for the treatment of chronic pain, medical and psychiatric diagnoses. Our method helps patients reduce their use of prescription medications while learning the coping skills needed to manage their pain long term.