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Suicide Prevention Program

Suicide Prevention Treatment Programs El Paso Texas

The suicide prevention program at University Behavioral Health of El Paso is designed to provide immediate intervention for patients in crisis. The psychiatrists and clinical staff at our private psychiatric hospital provide patients in El Paso, Texas with a full range of mental health care and drug or alcohol dependency care services, including inpatient, day hospital and intensive outpatient services.

The immediate goal of suicide prevention treatment is to stabilize the patient and provide constant supervision until the crisis passes. We offer a crisis stabilization program and inpatient mental health care to provide compassionate care in a comfortable and supportive environment for patients with a broad range of mental health disorders. Suicide is often triggered by a mental health disorder, so appropriate care is essential to ensure lasting recovery.

When the crisis has passed and the patient no longer needs full supervision and inpatient care, University Behavioral Health of El Paso provides ongoing care and support. We have a partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient mental health counseling services for suicide prevention treatment and other mental health and dependency care services to provide our patients with the specialized care they require.

Our suicide prevention program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for suicide prevention treatment in El Paso, Texas. You can find additional information about our services and specialty programs on our website or contact us for answers to your questions or a free assessment. We are here to answer your call at 915-544-400 or toll free at 800-967-3411.